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Benefits of Commercial LED Strip Lighting for Toronto Businesses

Outdoor Christmas lights are a key decorative statement for many home owners come the holiday season but in a metropolitan city like Toronto, they can also come with some drawbacks. In addition to having the need to untangle and install them; electricity bills can also quickly add up if you are using older outdoor lighting technology. These include fluorescent tube and neon lights as well as incandescent bulbs. Whether they be used as an accent on your Christmas Door Garlands or outdoor displays, Permanent outdoor LED Christmas lighting offers a simple, eco-friendly approach to festive décor without the need to take them down and put them up again each season. There are a number of benefits to installing outdoor LED Christmas lighting for Toronto home owners. 

Low Voltage & Low Energy Consumption

LED lighting fixtures are designed to consume far less energy than traditional bulbs. According to utility companies like Toronto Hydro, Toronto home owners could see up to $850 in rebates on their electricity bill by switching to LED fixtures. Outdoor LED Christmas lighting systems also use much less energy than other types of lighting. So, they are better for the environment. Since LED lights use fewer natural resources, they keep the amount of pollutants down, which is not only beneficial for you and your family, but for the entire world as well.

Long Life Span & Low Maintenance

Since LED bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lights, you will save money on maintenance costs such as replacing burnt out bulbs. This is a particularly useful benefit for outdoor spaces that are challenging to reach, such as rooftops or tall front lawn pine trees. Permanent outdoor LED fixtures can be kept up all year round eliminating the need to keep replacing them. State-of-the-art LED modules are constructed with aircraft grade aluminum and are extremely durable in various weather conditions. Toronto home owners are faced with everything from summer heat waves to snow storms, so it is important to consider durability when investing in outdoor lighting systems. Permanent outdoor LED lights are also perfect additions to the exterior of your home if you need a consistent light source for security purposes like front steps and entrances. LEDs are a more economical choice thanks to their longevity and lower energy consumption rates.

Customize Your Outdoor Christmas Lighting Displays

Why go for standard Christmas lights or get stuck with just one colour when you can install a fully customizable LED lighting system? Your home and holiday décor style are as unique as you are, thus your lighting should be too. Whether you want to synch your outdoor Christmas lights to the rhythm of your favourite jingle, or plan out an entire light display with Santa and his reindeer, you can switch your lights up directly from a smartphone. In the mood for something more fun and quirky? You can also program animations like chasing and flashing lights.

Qualify for Discounts and Incentives

Although LEDs are a more expensive initial investment, your savings start from day one. The Toronto Hydro website offers home owners information about in-store discounts and instant rebates from local retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Canadian Tire and RONA. There are also lighting incentives to help you finance your switch to energy-efficient options that you can use all year round and not just at Christmas time. Organizations like Save on Energy offer incentive programs for Toronto home owners that make the switch to more energy efficient LED Bulbs. Be a role model in your community by making environmentally conscious decisions that will help improve your bottom line, while contributing to your planet’s future.